Whether you’re setting up a new practice, or taking over an existing one, getting new clients has to be pretty much on top on your list of priorities. If so, you’re the person we’re directing our messages to.

We know you can jump online and google to your heart’s content, and find page after page of marketing advice, some even specifically for accountants. As we’re sure you’ve found, however, you can’t be sure exactly who the author is.

Our goal is to give you information you can count on — what you need, when you need it, from experts in the field.

Pick what you need – It’s right here, ready for you.

The Marketing Machine GroupWe assume that as the owner of a professional services company you have a good idea of where you should focus your marketing energy right now.

To make it easy to get started, we have developed a number of DIY training courses, focused on specific aspects of business. Every one of the courses is priced so that you shouldn’t have to hesitate to get your copy!

We divide our materials loosely into three categories:

  • Marketing Toolkit – These tools are the essentials that every business owner needs to have or at least know about in order to delegate to someone else.
  • Professional Skills – These are programs and personal skills that you’ll need to strengthen if you want to experience real success.
  • Start-Up – If you’re setting the foundation for a new practice or starting in a new marketing direction, be sure you have a good handle on these.

You can find most of our courses here, at TheMarketingMachineGroup.com. Head over there after you’ve read this page to see what’s on the shelf!

Need more? Contact us directly.

Every business is different, as a reflection of its owner, its location, and its age. If you aren’t sure which course might be best, if you are  looking to shortcut your marketing, or if you have a particular project already in mind, let’s talk directly!

Just drop us an email or leave a message and we’ll set up a time to talk about how our materials fit your circumstances.

We also accept selected clients to work with, as consultants.

If this sounds like it might be what you’re looking for, find out by scheduling a no-obligation introductory call. (We’ll send you some bullet points in advance to guide the conversation.) Together, we can agree on a working arrangement.

We usually work on a project base, asking for some proportion of the agreed-upon fee in advance, with the rest to be delivered as the work unfolds.

Whatever makes most sense for you, don’t waste any more time. Your prospects are out there, and your competitors are busy, so you need to get started today.

We’re here to help.

Joe Krueger & Virginia Nicols
The Marketing Machine®